RoboDrill containing a 14 tool turret with automatic pallet changer.


Our facility specializes in swiss-style precision parts. In addition to our swiss-style CNC lathes we have a Eurotech 730 SLE which has the capacity to turn larger parts or castings. See our facilities list for a complete listing of machines and equipment.


We have a full-functioning paint booth. From clear coats to matte finish, or marbling, we take pride in the details and will work with you to create your desired aesthetic. Watch our slideshow to see our painting process from start to finish.


Finish work is important! We have different forms of ceramic and plastic media in order to get your products to their desired finish. We also have relationships with quality vendors for heat treating, black oxide, powder coating, anodizing, and polishing to ensure the top quality for your products.


At Harris Manufacturing we can accommodate all of your knurling needs! Whether you require straight or diamond knurling we have the capability of making the most precise knurling for your parts!

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